10 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Is A Must For Your Business!

Marketing Automation Made Easy

If you’re a business owner, marketing automation can seem like an intimidating process that only “tech wizards” can use & manage effectively. However, the truth is that it’s easier and more useful than ever before. You’ve probably heard of it and you may not be sure what it is or if it can even help your type of business, but we promise you it most definitely can. In a major way!

Marketing Automation Saves Money!

One of the biggest reasons to use marketing automation systems is that they can help you save money. This is especially true if you’re looking at costs in terms of the time it takes to do things manually. If you have a small business, or even just one staff member who is doing all your marketing, then it can become quite costly.

Marketing automation tools make it so that there are much less manual processes involved with buying ads or sending out emails. Instead of having a person spend hours manually sending out emails and buying ads on Facebook, they will instead use automated software that does all of these tasks for them based on certain parameters that are set up beforehand (such as what day to send an email or which keywords should be used). This saves both time and money because there’s no need for someone else’s input or approval before something happens.

Marketing Automation Saves Time

Marketing automation saves time by automating previously manual tasks. By implementing a marketing automation strategy, you can save the time you would normally spend manually sending out emails and other marketing materials to your prospects.

What marketing automation also allows you to do is automate repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails or scheduling content for social media. This helps save time because it frees up your employees’ time for more important activities like managing accounts or developing new products for your business.

Another way that marketing automation can help save time is by reducing the number of leads that you have to follow up on yourself. For example, an automated system may send out an email asking if they are interested in receiving more information about what you have available to offer.

Marketing Automation Helps You Learn Faster

One of the best benefits of marketing automation is that it helps you learn faster. You can see what’s working and what isn’t in nearly real time, so you can adjust your approach accordingly. This also means that you can stop doing what doesn’t work and start focusing on what does. If a particular email campaign isn’t performing well, then maybe you need to change things up a bit before sending another one out.

If there are certain keywords or phrases that lead to conversions for your business, chances are there are others out there as well—but maybe not for this particular piece of content. Prospective customers might be using different words in their search queries than what’s included in your landing page copy. Unless they find exactly what they want after reading through your page, they may not convert at all!

With marketing automation software handling these tasks day-in and day-out without fail (or with minimal human intervention), businesses & business owners have more time available for other important tasks like writing new content or managing vendors.

Marketing Automation Creates Personalized Experiences

Personalization is important to customers. Customers are more likely to buy something from a brand that offers personalized experiences, and there are many reasons for this. First, it increases your credibility by showing that you know your customer well enough to give them what they want. Second, it builds trust between you and the customer so they feel comfortable with making a purchase from you and it may even be the difference between gaining a temporary customer and a Die-hard Fan. Third, it makes the experience of buying from your company more enjoyable than going through a boring process that doesn’t cater to their needs specifically. People are prone to buy emotions & solutions, not things!

By creating personalized experiences for your customers with marketing automation solutions, such as HubSpot, Marketo, and of course our personal favorite, Shillbirds, you’re able to create automated emails based on certain criteria: things like what lead stage they’re at; whether or not they’ve purchased anything from your store before; etc. This allows for each email sent out by these platforms to be tailored based on different factors so that each person receives something specific just for them without having any extra work done beforehand!

This article will provide further detail in regards to the benefits of Creating Personalized Experiences for your community & potential customers.

Marketing Automation Streamlines Processes

Marketing campaign automation is the key to streamlining your digital marketing operations. It can be used to automate tasks that are time consuming, error prone and require a lot of manual effort.

For example, you could use the benefit of marketing automation to automatically:

  • Create new leads in your database based on specific criteria (e.g., when someone has visited your website or read a specific article)
  • Schedule emails for later delivery or set them up to be sent out at a certain time or day of the week/month/year
  • Create targeted landing pages based on what people are searching for on Google

Marketing Automation Helps You Prioritize Your Leads

Marketing automation strategies not only help you to better manage & generate leads, but it also helps you prioritize them based on their value. Leads can be scored based on a variety of factors, such as the number of contacts they have, how likely they are to buy from you and more. Using lead scoring can help ensure that no matter what kind of campaign you’re running, the right prospects receive it at the right time.

This is extremely important because there is no point in spending time and money on leads who aren’t going to convert into customers! It is essential that businesses focus their efforts on targeting only high-quality leads so they can maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Automation Drives Up Your ROI!

If you’re not familiar with ROI, it’s simply a measure of how much money you make compared to how much money you spend. The higher the ROI for your business, the better. This can help in multiple ways because:

  • It allows you to understand exactly how much money your company is making or wasting
  • It helps keep costs down by showing which marketing channels are effective and which aren’t working
  • It prevents companies from spending too much money on ineffective or counterproductive strategies

Marketing Automation Improves Efficiency

The average American spends about two hours a day checking social networks, but only about 30 minutes actually connecting with others. With marketing automation workflows, you can spend more of your time connecting with leads and customers instead of sitting in front of a computer screen scrolling the timeline.

With automation tools such as drip campaigns, customer journey maps, through-channel marketing automation, etc., it’s easier than ever before to set up the steps required to lead prospects through the sales funnel and then track their progress at every stage along the way! In addition to saving time on repetitive tasks like sending out emails or updating spreadsheets, this will help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks in your efforts towards conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Marketing Automation Protects You from Missing Good Opportunities

The truth is, you can’t be everywhere at once and with the explosion of new technologies and marketing strategies being introduced almost daily, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind on best practices. What’s more, there are so many options these days that it can be difficult to know where to start—especially if your time is already stretched thin. Automation helps solve this problem by keeping an eye on the latest trends for you so that when something new comes out or changes in the industry, you’ll be well-informed about how it affects your business and what steps should be taken next.

Marketing automation also allows you to focus on what matters most: like building relationships with customers instead of hunting down leads or spending hours creating content (which may end up being completely irrelevant). It frees up time for other important things like sales calls or strategizing about future sales growth opportunities (and let’s not forget those fun weekend activities).

Marketing Automation Lets You See All of Your Data in One Place

Marketing automation allows you to see all of your data in one place. You can track everything from which channels are working best to what content performs best. You’ll be able to see where your sales are coming from and if they are increasing or decreasing over time. You’ll also be able to see what needs improvement so you can make changes to improve results.

When it comes down to it, by having a central hub for all of your data, you will have a better understanding of how things work within your business and how certain strategies impact other areas of the company as well as your bottom line.

Marketing Automation Tools Should Be a Part of Every Business’ Marketing Strategy!

Why? Because marketing automation benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Plus, they’re designed to help you reach your goals faster and with fewer resources than before. And what’s the downside to that?

So, how can you use them? There are tons of ways! You can use them to get more leads, send out personalized emails based on who opens your emails and what links they click on, track what’s working for you (and what’s not working so well), and much more!

Step Your Game Up!

Marketing automation is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. It can help you reach your customers more effectively and grow your business faster than ever before. So, don’t wait any longer. Sign-up for our risk-free trial right now and get started on a path towards exponential business growth & success today!